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atlas vins monde
World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)
World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)
World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)
World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)
World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)

World Atlas of Wine (available in 4 languages)


This large-scale publication, encompassing 56 countries, 100 maps and 8,000 years of wine history, is a tour de force in wine publishing.

Welcome to your tour of the wine-growing world.

Wine has rolled its barrel from the shores of the Black Sea to the mountains of the Andes, following humans and their dreams. But just how did a Pyrenean grape variety end up in Uruguay? And by what means were grapevines able to reach Japan?

This book goes back through time to retrace the grape's conquest of the world, stopping in each wine-making country, from the oldest (Georgia) to the most recent (Poland), to discover wines past and present, while looking to future producers in places such as Tahiti and Sweden.

The atlas works on a spread-by-spread basis. For each region there is a large-scale, specially drawn map, an overview of the area's history of wine production and a list of its main grape varieties, along with details of its world ranking in production volume, annual production, proportion of black and white grapes produced, month of the grape harvest, date of first viticulture (and which culture brought it) and suggestions of appelations to taste.

The end section contains further statistics and information on grape varieties, characteristics and terroirs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Tres beau et tres interesant

Il m a plu beaucoup, tres beau livre et tres intessant, tres bonne presentation.

Morgad Le Naour
Belle référence !

J’adore les cartes, toutes les cartes, heureux de découvrir un ouvrage dédié à la géographie des terroirs mondiaux et à la connaissance des vins par les cartes et des illustrations ludiques !

Carlos Cano

Livraison ultra rapide en Espagne! Présentation incroyable, beaucoup d'informations bien structurées, quelques erreurs mais avec autant d'informations c'est normal. Bref, fantastique !